10 Best Gift Ideas for Newlyweds in 2023

10 Best Gift Ideas for Newlyweds in 2023

With weddings originally planned for 2020, 2021, and 2022 getting pushed back to this year and beyond, you likely have more than one invitation on your calendar in the coming months. Why not be prepared to show up with the best gift for newlyweds? 

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While you might know what you’ll wear to this special engagement, you might be less confident in your gift-giving abilities. While a wedding registry is a great place to start, it can be stale and unoriginal. If you really want to wow the special couple, don’t be afraid to think out of the box. That said, here are a few inspired ideas:

  1. Wine glasses: There’s no such thing as too much glassware. Life happens and they can chip and break. Gifting a set of stemless or the traditional variety is a nice touch that will likely be well received.
  2. A custom cheese board: With charcuterie boards being all the rage, an engraved cheese board is on-trend and practical. They’ll think of you every time they bite into their brie. (Bonus: this pairs well with the wine glasses).

Etch Society has some eye-catching yet affordable designs sure to put a smile on the couple’s face. They’ll love how you took the time to pick something that fits their lifestyle and aesthetic. 

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3. A cocktail recipe book: Date night will be far from boring with a little mixology magic. You can find a wide selection of recipe books featuring everything from brunch staples to mocktails. 

4. A soft blanket: Who doesn’t enjoy a plush blanket? They’ll love cuddling under a plush throw during movie night on a cold winter night.

5. A ring dish: Now that they’re officially hitched, they need a place to put their new bling. A ring dish is the perfect solution to prevent any jewelry from accidentally going down the sink. (It happens more than you might think.)

6. A door mat: Nothing says “welcome” like a high-quality mat. Bonus points if you find one that coordinates with their house or apartment.

7. Handcrafted spice blend: Every cook or baker needs seasonings and spices to keep things interesting in the kitchen. You can even go with a theme like meat seasoning or pumpkin spice or another novelty combination. *chef’s kiss*

8. Premium olive oil/balsamic vinegar: There’s nothing quite like a high-end olive oil for cooking or dipping a piece of crusty bread. Balsamic vinegar makes a great base for a salad dressing. You might find a local retailer or order online. Either way, skip the grocery store options, as they’re rancid by the time they hit the shelves.

9. Tea towels: Every couple could use an extra towel or two to add both form and function to their kitchen. Try to find ones that speak to their style as a couple and interests. For instance, cat lovers might welcome a feline-forward design.

10. Custom portrait: This is a great way to support an artist while also gifting something original they’ll cherish forever. You might commission a sketch or painting of the couple or even their pet, if applicable. The sky ( or your creativity) is the limit. Etsy is a great resource for this purpose. 

Which of these ideas will you say “I do” to? Whatever direction you take, remember that a little thoughtfulness goes a long way. 

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October 18, 2022 — David Esau